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Environmental designations

In October 2005, American Transmission Co. became the first utility – and among the first five organizations – to be accepted into Wisconsin’s new Green Tier program, which now has more than 80 participants throughout the state. The program, administered by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, recognizes businesses and organizations that demonstrate superior environmental performance and dedication to continual improvement, and strives to encourage responsible environmental decision making to protect and restore natural resources.

To be admitted into Green Tier, companies must demonstrate a strong environmental compliance record, implement a formal system for including environmental issues in business decision making, participate in external oversight of environmental performance, and show continual, measureable improvement.

Participants in the Green Tier program make legal commitments to environmental excellence through contracts and charters negotiated with the DNR. In exchange, they are given incentives to achieve their environmental goals and improve performance. The DNR can then focus its resources on organizations and facilities that still need to bring performance up to compliance.

Acceptance and participation in Green Tier provides ATC with a means of ensuring internal controls, a systematic method of improving relationships with the DNR and a productive way to change how we and the DNR approach environmental resource conservation. The Green Tier designation also recognizes our environmental leadership through a progressive and proactive approach to environmental issues, and acknowledges our reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking organization among regulators and environmental organizations. As a participant in the program, we are committed to incorporating environmental sensitivity, protection and restoration into the design, construction and maintenance of electric transmission lines.

C3 logoATC earned the designation as a member of Michigan’s Clean Corporate Citizen (C3) Program in December 2012. C3 is a voluntary Michigan Department of Environmental Quality program that recognizes environmental stewardship at Michigan facilities. Candidates demonstrate facility-specific environmental management systems, active pollution prevention initiatives, and a consistent record of compliance with state and federal environmental requirements.

The program allows regulated companies that have demonstrated environmental stewardship to be recognized as Clean Corporate Citizens.