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Environmental policy

The environmental commitment of American Transmission Company LLC and ATC Management Inc., its corporate manager, collectively (“ATC”), is built upon our core values – service to customers, honesty, social responsibility, stakeholder inclusion, financial and environmental sustainability, and respect for customers and employees.

ATC is committed to environmental leadership in all aspects of our business. We seek to demonstrate this commitment through the following actions:

  • Compliance – Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and orders.
  • Impact reduction – Reduce environmental impacts of construction, operation and maintenance through the use of innovative practices, cost-effective technologies and, where appropriate, environmental mitigation and enhancement.
  • Employee involvement – Involve employees in environmental stewardship through job responsibilities and encouraging volunteerism.
  • Training – Provide employees the tools to participate in environmental stewardship through education and training.
  • Proactive partnerships – Address transmission-related environmental issues proactively with regulators and other stakeholders through partnerships and collaborative working relationships.
  • Environmental Management System – Develop, implement and maintain an environmental management system, to ensure ATC continues to meet its environmental goals.

ATC supports sustainable environmental policies and actions through balancing environmental stewardship with financial, engineering and maintenance requirements, and societal impacts. Pairing our environmental commitment with partnerships among regulators, stakeholders and employees provides a powerful venue for creative, innovative and entrepreneurial resolution of issues. With the successful implementation of these philosophies, environmental stewardship translates into good business.