American Transmission Co.

Helping to keep the lights on, businesses running and communities strong. ®

Why we do it better

Service reputation

Through a decade of building the nation’s first multi-state, transmission-only utility, we have distilled our experience and best practices into the “ATC way.”

We rank not only among the top five utilities nationally for transmission line construction, we are considered among the top transmission providers for reliability, and we have a reputation within our industry for superior customer service.

We made a smooth transition when the Midcontinent Independent System Operator took responsibility for security coordination in 2001, and we did so again in 2005 when wholesale energy markets were launched and dispatch authority was transferred to MISO.

Our mission: Investing in our customers’ success

Year after year, ATC customer service surveys show that if given a choice in transmission builders, we are the preferred choice. Our mission is to enhance our customers’ ability to deliver energy, interconnect resources and access the wholesale energy market – cost effectively, reliably and safely.

Meeting customers’ increasing expectations  

  • Scores from annual customer surveys have increased since our inception
  • Knowledgeable staff members are always available to answer inquiries in a timely fashion
  • Frequent communication with the customer is the standard
  • We solicit customer input on policies and procedures that affect them and make that information readily available