American Transmission Co.

Helping to keep the lights on, businesses running and communities strong. ®

Why we do it better

Growth plan

We’re poised for future growth
ATC’s stand-alone, transmission-only business model is perfectly suited for supporting transmission expansion, and we have a proven record of delivering the capital, return on investment and financial stability to make projects happen.

  • History of steady and strong earnings growth
  • Solid balance sheet and an ability to generate consistently strong cash flows year after year, increasing owner value
  • FERC-regulated with a formula-driven rate structure, operating in a constructive regulatory environment
  • High-quality, investment-grade debt ratings from Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s ensuring continued access to financially viable lending options

Diversity, strength in ownership
Our owners include investor-owned utilities, municipalities, municipal electric companies and cooperatives.

  • Strength in ownership numbers eases burden of compliance for all
  • Projects are developed to solve multiple system issues for a range of customers and owners, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency

Learn more about ATC projects and transmission development efforts underway through Duke-American Transmission Co., our joint venture with Duke Energy, and ATC Development Co., the development branch formed by certain owners of ATC.