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External relations staff

 For questions to or communications with ATC, call 866-899-3204 or email


Name Title
Tom Finco
Vice President of External Relations
Randy Karls
Manager of Customer Relations & Interconnection Services
Marcia Louden
Senior Customer Communications Coordinator
Danielle Hall
Interconnection Specialist
Kaylin De Marco
External Relations Technical Assistant

Regional Managers

Name Accounts
Mike Burow

We Energies

Rick Czajka

Badger Power Marketing Authority, Manitowoc Public Utilities, Upper Peninsula Power Co., Wisconsin Public Service

Brett French


Kurt Hendrickson

Wisconsin Public Power Inc. (WPPI), Xcel Energy, Wisconsin Municipal Utilities not listed with other Regional Managers

Andy Eberhardt

Alliant Energy

Ben Stuart

Madison Gas & Electric (MGE), Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative (ACEC), Central Wisconsin Electric Cooperative, Cloverland Electric Cooperative, Dairyland Power Cooperative (DPC), Oconto Electric Cooperative, Rock Energy Cooperative (REC).

Interconnection Services

Name Processes
Heather Andrew

Generation to Transmission (G-T) Process Administration, Interconnection Committee
Accounts: Domtar, Horizon Wind, Invenergy

John Raisler

Asset Acquisition Process, Distribution to Transmission (D-T) Process Administration, Transmission to Transmission (T-T) Process Administration
Accounts: Dominion Energy, ComEd, Heritage Sustainable Energy, LSP Whitewater, North American Hydro, Northbrook Energy, NextEra Energy Resources

Danielle Hall

Asset Acquisition Process, Common Facilities, Generation to Transmission (G-T) Process Administration, Entity Ownership Records (EOR) Process Administration, Generating Facilities Modification Notification (GFMN) Process Administration

Kaylin De Marco

Distribution to Transmission (D-T) Process Administration, External Extranet/Transmission Outage Application (TOA) Access Request Process

Marcia Louden

Accounts: Calpine Energy, Renewable World Energies (RWE), Traxys North America (White Pine Electric & L’Anse Warden Electric Company)

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